Computer Science Engineer, Dance Teacher from Saudi Arabia




"I'd always tried to be so strong after my mum passed away when I was 13 but i hadn't let go of so many emotions.


I distracted myself with studying and going out wiith friends and always tried to be happy on the outside for my family so they'd be proud of me. 


But I wasn't really happy, i felt like i wasn't ready for what life had in store for me. I had a big fear about relationships. After losing my mum I was scared of losing a loved one. I was obsessed with finding a sense of security incase I lost someone I love. 


I was sad inside and tried to forget about it and ignore it.


I wasn't looking after myself well, I didnt have self-worth or love for myself, especially after losing the person who loved and cared for me. I was longing for that love, motivation and support. 


I was getting triggered easily and took things so personally. I felt like I was being attacked by other peoples comments even though it was nothing to do with me. 


I'd be defensive and impatient - get annoyed from other peoples actions and I didn't want to be bothered by them. 


I was feeling unmotivated, down and heavy in my heart.


I wasn't emotionally free, and I thought it'd never change and i'd be this way forever."


Widad Alkibsi - Success Story



Widads goal was to finally be emotionally free.


She craved guidance so she could guarentee her happiness and success.


Instead of feeling triggered all the time she wanted to expeience peace. love and calmness.


Motivation was a priority. Widad wasned to end the cycle of starting healthy habits and stopping again. 



"I tried therapy and life coaching before but I didn't feel comfortable with it, I wasn't sure the process and wasn't confident it was for me so when saw Wellness Theory I was intrigued, and it felt right.


I was so excited, i knew it was what i needed and what i was looking for. 


I started noticing changes right at the beginning, especially by the way I was thinking. 


My thoughts weren't serving me at all. 


I read so many books in self-development but I didnt know how they related to me and how to implement the things i'd learned already. I was aware of what I needed but didnt know what actions to take. 


The journey was life-changing, I learned so much about myself. 


After years of feeling low, I was finllay taking care of myself and paying attention to my thoughts and emotions. I felt like i was building myself up in every session and task I did.


I was organising my life in so many ways, not only my thoughts and emotions but my eating and sleeping too.


My favourite thing was seeing progress and finally feeling like there was hope, I felt like I was flflying. 


I enjoyed all of our conversations, every question sparked my curiousity even more.


I loved the breathing techniques too.


Everything together helped me feel so good. 


We focused on whats happening in my mind and heart and THEN the outside things like diet, sleeping and exercises. That's what really worked for me."



I’ve stopped overthinking and no longer get triggered so easily.


I am so confident in who I am and I follow through on what’s important to me.


I feel deeply happy with the future that awaits, because now I know, I create it.


I'm not hard on myself anymore. 


I learned its ok to rest and have time out, it's a form of self-love to listen to myself.


My resiliance and my thought process has shifted drastically. 


I'm able to let go of emotions and I know how to fix my lifestyle in way that boosts my career and relationships.


Everythings aligned. 


I'm only 22 but I already know my life is going to be even more great. I'm excited to continue to evolve and enjoy the process of where life takes me.


Success Story - Widad Alkibsi


I’ve stopped overthinking and no longer get triggered so easily. I am so confident in who I am and I follow through on what’s important to me. I feel deeply happy with the future that awaits, because now I know, I create it



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Are you feeling down and heavy at heart?


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