Musician, Teacher and Personal Trainer from New York City


Success Story - Vahid



Vahid had found 100 ways to move towards his goals and a million ways to sabotage himself.


He felt lost, confused and frustrated.


Conflicted between settling into a ‘safe lifestyle’ and a ‘stable job’ that doesn’t fulfil him,

Or combine his passions of being a musician and helping people be healthier.


Battling with anxiety and self-made obstacles controlled his life’s choices which made it even harder to decide which path to take.


This affected his confidence and ability to execute on what he needed to do to achieve his goals.


Success Story - Vahid Ellis



"I wanted to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours and stop wasting my time on what doesn't matter to me.


I needed to make some big decisions in my life and wanted to feel confident in doing so.


I wanted to improve my relationships and turn my dream of being in a trainer and musician into a reality"



When we first met he was already chipping away at his goals but attaining them still felt miles away.


See, Vahid is one of the most ambitious, authentic and talented men we’ve met.


He already had a solid vision of what he wanted but the road to achieving it was blurry and overwhelming.


Let’s face it, the bolder the dreams, the more nerve-wracking the path to achieving it, isn’t it?


With this in mind, it’s easy to stand in our own way of progress - Vahid found this too.


When working together we rooted out past and present issues that he’d locked away, causing him to self-sabotage.


He realised the only way to move forwards was to face what he’d been avoiding so he could live the passionate, purposeful life he’d imagined.


"It was a very empowering experience. Even learning new ways to breathe effectively has been eye-opening. I'll continue using what i've learned on my personal development journey."


To his surprise, it was easier and more enjoyable than he thought.




Vahid is confidently living the life he’d been dreaming of.


The hard decisions he had in the beginning suddenly became easier, he's more confident and commited to living a life full of alignment, passion and purpose.


He's now spedning his time making music in New York City and helping those around him get healthier and happier than ever before.


The only thing he wonders now is, why didn’t he do it sooner?!


Vahid Ellis - Success Story


Coaching helped me to effortlessly root out things that I realise now were detrimental self-made obstacles which were controlling my life’s choices. A realisation that’s led me to a path to personal greatness.




Global Causes Vahid Supports:


No Poverty Global Goal 1
Zero Hunger - Global Goal 2
Good Health and Wellbeing - Global Goal 3
Quality Education - Global Goal 4
Reduced Inequalities - Global Goal 10
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions - Global Goal 16


Do you know you're meant for more but


self-sabotage is standing in your way?



The world needs what you have to offer


and we want to help you achieve it. 



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.