Project Manager, from Trinidad residing in Dubai



Feeling stuck and stressed to the point of tears, Stacey reached out to us.


She felt like she was drowning in her everyday responsibilities, existing from task to task and going through the motions.


The truth is, she was struggling to keep her head above water let alone live the way she wanted to.


Negative thoughts would consume her which led her to live in fear, getting angry and defensive more than she’d like.


She was getting sucked into the stress of everyone around her, not able to discern what was hers.


As you can imagine, it was a tough place to be. It was exhausting and not what she had in mind for how she wanted to show up in life.


Success Story - Stacey-Ann



Stacey wanted to feel like herself again so she could have the peace of mind she deserves.


"I wanted to know how to get the best from myself - on every level"


Life isn't supposed to be a struggle and we don't need to accept it as such.


"I wanted to enjoy life again and feel limitless so I can keep growing as a person and for my loved ones.


I wanted to know WHY I was experiencing what I was so I didn't have to suffer anymore".





Stacey knew it was time for change.


The moment I met Stacey, I knew she would achieve everything she set out to. She is one of the most resilient people I’ve ever met.


Amidst the chaos she was experiencing, she has a heart of gold and always put others needs before her own.


Her identity had taken many forms over the years from nativating being the only black women in a male dominant work environment and coming from humble beginnings she battled with worthiness and feelings of 'being enough'.


We peeled back the layers of who she really is, recognised what was holding her back and let go of any emotional baggage from the past.


Stacey had also recently survived a collapsed lung (twice) and needed to get her health back on track too.


She'd been holding stress in her body and it was letting her body was letting her know. Part of Stacey's journey included reconnecting with her body so she could feel energised and healthy again.


"It was a different approach from what I was used to, I'd spent years working with personal trainers, but integrating the physical side with my mindset and emotional wellbeing felt sooooo good. It's all connected and felt seamless, I feel healthier and stronger - mentally and physically".




Stacey found her direction and knows what she really wants from life.


Including how to keep the awesome changes she made.


"I went from going into work feeling disguntled and swearing every other word because I was agitated by all the small things, but now I go into work with the perspective to know what matters and what doesn't. I don't sweat the small stuff and now enjoy how I show up."


To this day, Stacey consistently shows up for herself, proudly growing and is full of life.


She is shining kindness and love to everyone she meets and has found a new level of compassion and resourcefulness to help others.


"I've accepted I'm human and I AM ENOUGH.


I appreciate life and have found my centre."


Stacey-Ann - Success Story


“I found my direction and am living as who I’m really called to be”




Global Causes Stacey Supports:


No Poverty Global Goal 1
Good Health & Wellbeing - Global Goal 3
Reduced Inequalities - Global Goal 10


Stories like Stacey’s remind us how raw

and real life gets sometimes.


If you’re struggling with anything,

now’s the time to turn it around.



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.