Father of 2, Trader and Tool Technician



Imagine a life full of pent up anger, frustration and anxiety. Not able to express what you really want to say or do, let alone be who you want to be.


That’s where Kyle was when we first met.


He’ll be the first to admit that he wasn’t making very good decisions. Stressed out to the max and losing his temper quickly.


Hooked on habits that weren’t serving him, he was becoming a victim of himself and his emotions.


Kyle was experiencing suicidal ideation, substance abuse and his relationships were suffering.


"I felt like i was 100mph but going nowhere.


Built a tough guy exterior but underneath I didnt have the confidence or self-beleif to back it up.


I'd lost touch with who I was and didnt feel like I was living my truth. I felt lonely even though I was surrounded by people. 


Plus I was having recoccuring thoughts which were encouraging me to want to give up. It wasn't serving me and I knew I didnt want to keep going down that path"


Success Story - Kyle McCormmick



All he wanted was to be the best he could be for himself and his family, without the stress and exhaustion.


Kyle was sick of the drama in his life and wanted to find peace of mind.


Confidence was always something he’d had to fake so it was time for him to step into his true authentic self.


He always felt he was meant for more, but there was always something holding him back.


So Kyle's goal was to reset and start on a new path and break all unhealthy patterns.


"I needed a point in the right direction to go where I wanted to go."




Trying to escape his toxic world and not really knowing what to do. Kyle impulsively hopped on a plane to Dubai. We met to see how I could help.


After realizing Kyle was at his tipping point, it was time to commit to change.


We got to the root of his emotions and let them go so they didn’t need to cause so much destruction anymore.


He explored the quality of his thinking and let go of the beliefs which didn’t serve his highest self.


All the perceptions that were holding him back, disappeared.


"It was a humbling experience to learn what was happening inside my own mind"


Deep personal growth is a journey and one that Kyle committed to whole-heartedly.



Well now, he is connected to how he feels. He is in control of his thoughts and feelings.


Kyle’s living from a place of ambition, purpose and joy.


Making decisions with loyalty, integrity and alignment towards what’s most important.


He quickly moved to being a high performer is now on a path towards massive life changing goals both in his family life and his work life.


He’s now living a life full of meaning and purpose.


The thing I love the most about his turn around is that he is now showing up as the man he wanted to be for himself and his beautiful family.


Kyle embraced the challenges, celebrated the wins, learned from the falls and is thriving in the process.


"I now know who I am but I had to find out who I wasn't. I've built confidence and learned to be honest with myself and learn from my mistakes.


I'm more open minded now and willing to try anything new, I've found out what I love and what I don't. I've since started running, reading, trading and muai thai too.


The best bit is my family relationships have improved drastically too."


Kyle McCormmick - Success Story

“I was trying to escape a toxic world and didn't know what to do”



Global Causes Kyle Supports:


Good Health and Wellbeing - Global Goal 3
Quality Education - Global Goal 4
Responsible Consumption and Production - Global Goal 12
Life Below Water - Global Goal 14
Life on Land - Global Goal 15


Do you want to turn your life around like Kyle did?


Improving relationships with loved ones and being a high achiever is easier than you might think.


Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.