HR Expert and Coach, from United Arab Emirates



Ghadir had experienced cycles of overwhelm between work and study, including episodes of depression and suicidal thoughts. She worked through her mental health but found she's fall back in to simular cycles. 


From going all into her profession as well as even more studying it left her feeling like different areas of her life were being neglected - namely physical and mental wellbeing. 


Even though things were going well, life was missing a sense of joy and feeling mundane.


"I was feeling disconnected to my purpose across different areas in my life. I was happy separately with the progress I was making in each area like work, health, personal relationships, however i didn't feel aligned.


Turning ideas into action and focusing was a struggle too and I had a tendancy to avoid what makes me uncomfortable".


Success Story - Ghadir Abushawish



"I wanted to FEEL connection and joy in my life by coming into alignment.


Feeling healthy, both physically and emotionally was a priority so I can continue to grow and to be able to show up in the world authentically"






"I'd experienced coaching in the past but it was more of a fluid conversation. What I really appreciated and resonated with on my coaching journey with Charlotte and Jonathan was the structure.


It was clear what we were working on and what I was learning as we went along. It was clear when I was learning about my subconsious mind, my needs, or when we discussed masculine and feminine energy or my physcial self in terms of sleep, water intake. I could understand the process fully. 


One of the things I enjoyed the most was amount of insights I got, on top of my personal insights, I also discovered new interests along the way.  


I was always looking forward to my sessions and felt excited after them.


My biggest learning was the 'reality loop' - it changed my perceptions and its still something I reflect on every day. I'm aware of my reations to every day situations and how I show up today. 


Another big realisation for me was about food - I learned to monitor and see what my body needs. The best part is that I've made changes and don't feel restricted or deprived in anyway.


I trusted the process - even when it was harder to face what was uncomfortable i found the courage to move through it.


I thought I loved and accepted myself but as we peeled back more layers i found more places where I needed to accept myself and not be so hard on myself - it's been a gamechanger."




"Throughout the journey, other people kept saying that I was different, but what I noticed is that I'm now truly accepting of myself. I feel like I'm showing up authentically. 


I realised that wellness is an ongoing process and I know with my continuous intention to be healthy that I'll continue to feel even better.  


I've gained a beautiful sense of self awareness, sense of power and personal responsibility. I've really enjoyed sharing what I've learned with others too. 


I used to think 'I have to' do so many things and would be overwhelmed, but I've come to learn to trust myself and do what's most important. I know the outcome will always be OK. 


I'm inspired to coach professionally myself too. This experience ignited my passion. I genuinely believe in the work and everyone in the world can benefit from it. It gives me a great sense of fulfillment to be aligned with my purpose.


The word transformation does not cut it when it comes to coaching. 


When we spread love and encourage self-acceptance, we create a healthy rhythm in society.


There's everything to gain and nothing to lose. 


The word thank you doesnt even describe my gratitude for this experience."


Ghadir Abushawish - Success Story


“When we spread love and encourage self-acceptance, we create a healthy

rhythm in society”




Global Causes Ghadir Supports:


Quality Education - Global Goal 4
Gender Equality - Global Goal 5
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions - Global Goal 16
Reduced Inequalities - Global Goal 10


Ghadir's feeling of disconnection and lack of joy is more common than we might think.


But feelings of alignment, connection and joy ARE attainable.



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.