Stuck to Unstoppable


After years of living unconsiously, making choices which weren't her authentic self, Dimi was always doing what  she though she 'should' be doing. 



She was totally disconnected from herself and realised she was also surrounded by people who were tired and unhappy - she wanted a way out. 


Dimi realised her innate desire to help others and became a trainer and a coach. By the time she completed her studies she realised she wanted to give even more to everyone else because it was so fulfilling. 


She said "I reached a point where I'd done what I could on my own. I realised I could activate more wof my potential with a coach, I knew work it out faster than trying alone.


I knew there were things I needed to work on that werent even in my awarenss yet.  


And if I didnt i knew I was going to stay stuck where I was without guidance.


I needed to get passed what I thought was holding me back. 


I felt like there was an invisible thing holding me back from what I wanted.


I beleived I couldn't be consistant,


And knew I needed to work on my money mindset and body image."



Dimitra - Success Story



"I wanted to understand why I couldnt move forward with my own coahcing journey for myself and my clients. 


And I felt like I couldnt be a coach until I had a coach. I craved guidance and accountability."



"I realised I was holding so many beleifs that weren't true yet I was holding myself back because of them. It's funny because I reallised what I thought I needed to work on wasn't actually the real issue.


I remember having the paradigm shift of 'what can happen if nothings holding me back? It was limitless.


I learned how to use my energy sufficiently and everytime we ticked off a problem it was like small weights were lifted. 


Halfway through I realised I didnt have the same issues i had at the start. 


Things started integrating and making sense for me, even now long after coaching over it's still helping me.


Even though we elimiated the initial issues we set out at the start, I found there was some deeper issues I needed to deal with. It took time, and i'm so happy I stuck with the journey because it's created lasting change. 


My favourite part of coaching was how it all flowed, the blueprint you used really made me realise it all works together.


Every session there was a big shift and I felt safe. I was able to think, feel and say what I needed to. 


I also loved the lingusitics - becoming aware of the language I use helped me realise how powerful what say is.


Everything fell into place the way it was intended. 


I had waves of understanding myself.


Things ive been trying to understand for years suddenly integrated."



"I started the new year with such a beautiful energy which has left me feeling integrated and knowing i can keep the changes I made. 


I've learned to trust myself and built the most trusting relationship with myself - my intuition has been activated.


Letting go helped me to move into flow.


I feel connected to myself in both heart and mind. I look back and can't recognise how I was living before. 


I've stopped holding on to everything. 


I'm feeling calmer and getting all the messages I needed, my intuition is so strong.


The nudges and inspried action is revealing itself and new doors are opening. 


The noise from the past has disappeared and I can hear this amazing silence with my own answers and know i have all the answers  I need within me. I know how to access them. 


I no longer compare myself to other people and know I can be consistent in what matters to me. 


I learned to love who I was and embracing who I am.


I'm no longer stuck and theres a new reality in front of me."


Success Story - Dimitra


Every coach needs a coach, I went from feeling stuck to building unstoppable momentum



Global Causes Dimitra Supports:


No Poverty - Global Goal 1
Quality Education- Global Goal 4
Clean Water and Sanitation - Global Goal 6
Affordable and Clean Energy - Global Goal 7
Sustainable cities and communities - Global Goal 11
Climate Action - Global Goal 13


If you want to stop feeling stuck and build unstoppable momentum like Dimitra,


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