Entrepreneur, Dancer and Trainer of Mind-Body from South Africa


There came a point where the powers that be, bought us together - for a conversation that changed everything.⁣


Chontell had spent years blinded by past fears and limiting beliefs. Distracted by overthinking and reacting to old traumas.


As a self-confessed 'work-a-holic', she was pushing herself so much in work she didn't enjoy, her health and relationships - to the point of cracking.


She was abusing alcohol and exercise and not sure how to deal with what life was throwing at her.


It's safe to say, life felt upside down and in chaos. 


She said "I felt like I was in a black hole and couldn't get out."


Success Story - Chontell Randles



She was longing for peace and connection with her inner self.


She wanted to feel the depths she knew existed under the tough exterior she’d created.


Chontel was looking for the 'how' to be able to experience peace, clarity and true happiness. 


She knew there was an alternative way to live but she just didn't know how.



Trying to escape what she was going through and in search for peace, she impulsively hopped on a plane to Zanzibar… (as you do!)⁣

When she returned we started working together and it turns out her peace wasn’t in Zanzibar after all.⁣

She found her peace within. ⁣

It’d been there all along… she just needed to re-member herself. Look from a fresh perspective and peel back the layers it was hiding behind.⁣


"I felt myself getting closer to the person I wanted to be, and who I really was. I gained awareness of my authentic self and realised that I had all the power within me all along. I'd just given it away to everybody and everything around me. Everything became alot clearer to me. 


I learned to be more than just okay - I learned to be happy.


I let out so many emotions and learned to nativage them, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 


I got to know myself in ways I didnt know existed. Self-disovery has been one of my faviourite parts of this journey."





Chontell's now deeply rooted in the present moment.⁣

Carefree with an overflowing faith and confidence within herself. ⁣

She radiates life force energy and is a force for good in this world. Far from feeling like she was in a black hole, she's now shining her own light to help others.⁣


"I realised I had the answers within me all along. I trust myself and know whats going on within me, which means I'm always on the right path.


I have the beautiful feeling and knowing that I can influence my life in anyway I choose.


I live from a place of resource, knowing i'm doing the best I can, in every moment.


Life isn't disturbing me anymore, life is flowing through me.


I'm now called to help others to feel lighter, like themselves and like they're living and not just existing. 


I'm so grateful for this experience."


Chontell Randles



“This awakening has had a huge effect on every aspect of my life”



Global Causes Chontell Supports:


No Poverty Global Goal 1
Zero Hunger- Global Goal 2
Sustainable Cities and Communities - Global Goal 11
Good Health and Well-being - Global Goal 3


Chontell journey reminds us how we can all


break free from ourselves.


If you'd like a new found sense of calmness and to feel the deep rooted in the present moment, 



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.