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Success Story - Charlie



If someone looks CONFIDENT it must mean it’s true, right? Not always.


Looks can be perceiving.


This can make us think that everyone else is confident and it’s just us that isn’t.


And let’s face it, that sucks.


We want you to know that EVERYONE is confident somewhere in their life and not in others.


You could be confident at work but lacking in the gym? Perhaps you’re confident when you’re with a group of friends but not in a group of strangers?


The truth is, not everyone oozes confidence in everything and that’s okay.


But what happens when it doesn’t show up when we want it to? When it really counts?


This is what Charlie was experiencing.


He came to us when he was prepping to go back on stage at the World Natural Bodybuilding Foundation Competition in Germany (AKA a physique competition for us regular folk)


As the competition drew closer there was a seed of self-doubt sprouting. Even though he’d competed before, he was getting great feedback from his coach and his prep game was strong. There was still something bubbling under the surface.


That’s the thing with confidence, it has this way of trying to trick us into thinking we can’t do things.


But that’s all it is - A trick.

Charlie Barclay



Charlie's goal was to place in the top 5.


In order to do that he needed to be super confident on this outside AND on the inside.


Unshakeable confidence was the aim of the game.




In a short space of time Charlie realigned his thinking.


He swapped his overwhelm for resourcefulness.


Charlie learned how to tap into places he never knew existed within himself.


And most importantly...


Connected with himself in such a deep way that he now knows how to trigger the states he needs on demand.




We remember hearing him say "I only went and nabbed 3rd place with all the swagger you can imagine! Thank you for giving me a liscense to pose"


He achieved what he wanted for the competition but what he didn't count on was knowing that he's built skills for life. 


Feeling rock solid inside and knowing how to trigger thoughts and feelings whenever he wants leaves a feeling of being limitless.


From there, anything is possible.

Charles Barclay - Success Story


“Having the confidence to show up is one thing, but winning 3rd place is next level swagger.

My confidence is through the roof



Global Causes Charlie Supports:


No Poverty Global Goal 1
Zero Hunger - Global Goal 2
Good Health and Wellbeing - Global Goal 3
Quality Education - Global Goal 4
Reduced Inequalities - Global Goal 10
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions - Global Goal 16


What would more confidence allow you to do?



The world needs you at your best


and we want to help you achieve it. 



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.