Emotional Turbulence to Peace of Mind

SUCCESS STORY: Amanda Archbald

English Teacher, From Trinidad, Residing in Abu Dhabi 


On my first call with Amanda it was clear life had lost its flavour.


In her words she was feeling “emotional, depressed, anxious and overwhelmed”.
She admitted being short tempered and tired all the time.


Her passion for life had waned and she felt pretty damn miserable.


And even though this stress was affecting her relationship, her work and her sanity -


The good news was there’s ALWAYs a solution.


Panic attacks and becoming physically ill as a result was no longer neccessary.


Amanda - Success Story




She was looking for peace of mind.


Amanda wanted to stop flipping out at the smallest things and to stop feeling like she was going through the motions of life.


She wanted to feel the excitement of life again and call the shots in her own life.



"Before reaching out for coaching I was scared I would be judged and concerned I wouldn’t get results. I feared I’d be told I’d need sessions indefinitely. To my surprise I felt understood and not like I was crazy."


(These feelings are more common than we’d like to admit.)


"After the first few sessions I realised I was waking up in the morning feeling better already. My confidence improved and with that I became more independent."


Letting go of unresolved negative emotions and getting out of turbulant emotional patterns was crucial in boosting ability to think clearly and confidently.


"I learned so much about myself, for example I didn't know how to breathe properly which meant when I was stressed or anxious I was holding my breath and feeling tense which was doing more harm than good. 


Now I know how to look after myself effectively and I know what I need.


One of my favorite things was feeling like I had guidance from someone who understood what I was going through - I've felt supported every step of the way."





Fast forward to now:


She’s thinking clearly and confidently.
Setting personal boundaries and articulating how she feels has become effortless.


She’s learned to accept things for what they are and not spiral out of control emotionally.


Because of this she’s been able to:

Offer support to others based on her own experience and growth.  

Make bold decisions regarding her career.


Thrive in her social life and relationships.


Plus, she feels healthier and is enjoying life.


“I’ve finally found the peace of mind I was looking for, I designed my life in the way I choose and now I'm living it.”


Amanda - Success Story


“I've finally found the peace of mind

I was looking for ”



Global Causes Amanda Supports:


Zero Hunger - Global Goal 2
Clean Water and Sanitation - Global Goal 6


If you want to find peace of mind like Amanda,


and live the life you've designed



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.