Senior Contracts Engineer and Possibilities Coach from Oman



Ahlam is a high performer who's got an incredibly inspiring backstory from how she's adjusting in the world.


As a personal development junkie and fellow coach herself, she was ready to take herself to the next level.


Before working with us she said: "I was struggling to implement actions and new standards for myself, especially in my health and business.


I knew I couldn't do it on my own and I felt like i had my own limitatons."


There was still some potential that was lying dormant, it was like pandoras box waiting to be opened fully."


Success Story - Ahlam Al Tauqi



"I was looking for guidance, support and accountability. 


I wanted a blueprint to follow so I could improve my health, nutrition and lifestyle.


As well as feeling energised I wanted to take steps to open my own coaching business."



"It was exciting to be coached every week and have support whenever I needed, it was amazing how I could reach out anytime.


My entire beleif system about my health updated. I realised how my movements and breathing affects the way I feel emotionally and mentally too. It was beautufil to feel myself come into alignment and balance.


My understanding of nutrition and fitness completely changed. My perception shifted all together. I now focus on my feeling versus what I thought 'I should' do and feel so much more energised.


The accountability really helped me to focus. 


As for my coaching business, I realised I didn't have to wait for things to be perfect before I decide to act on what I wanted. 


By taking action I am continuously learning which leads to getting better everyday.


I can see the small steps getting me to where I want to go."



"My life is easier, i don't put things off any more which is amazing for me.


I've stopped wasting time on what doesnt matter.


I've noticed I used to stress about what I was or wasn't doing.


I used to do alot of things at once which didn't help me achieve what I want.


Now I can see that the small things have the biggest impact.


I can see tangible progress, from where I was, to where I am and to where I'm going and that makes me very happy. 

I have more energy to do the things i didnt do before and i'm confident on how to adapt if needed.


I'm happier and plan my days well which has given me freedom of my time and energy to do what serves me the best. 


I'm actively coaching and laying the foundations of my business and transitioning from being a senior contracts engineer."


Being vibrant and at the top of her game has meant that Ahlam is focusing on her big longterm vision of leading a platform for woman in the Middle East. She's created a movement of a community based in service to others. 


Ahlam Al Tauqi - Success Story


"When we stop wasting time and energy on unhealthy stress we create space to do so much good in the world"



Global Causes Ahlam Supports:


Good Health and Wellbeing -  Global Goal 3
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - Global Goal 9
Decent Work and Economic Growth - Global Goal 8
Responsible Consumption and Production - Global Goal 12


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