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"My stress immediately felt reduced after listening to Charlotte and Jonathan. I finally understood what I was experiencing and knew what I needed to get back on track."

- Carl

"One of the best workshops i've attended, I still can't beleive they share so much for free. I was burning out but this helped me find my spark again." 

- Farzana

Stress-Free Wellness Workshop - Awareness Pyramid

What am I looking at? This is the stress awareness pyramid which is one of the keys to lasting transformation and abundant wellness.

Calm a Racing Mind

Feel in Control of Emotions

Be Free From Stress-Related Pain

Build A Healthy Body

Live a Meaningful Life

NOTE: This is not ideal for you if you're looking for a quick fix and overnight success. We care about lasting change, so if you're looking for a gimmick, this isn't necessarily the best fit to support you.

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  • Why is this free... what's the catch?

  • Nothing drastic, just the usual: willingness to learn, open mind to new strategies and approaches and whatever your preference for taking notes.

  • Do I have to actively participate in the workshop?

  • Will there be a recording?

  • How can I be sure this is worth my time?