(Even if you've been struggling for years)

An introduction to achieving what you want  WITHOUT the stress.

Stress-Free Workshop with Jonathan and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills


Accredited by leading coaching institutes and wellness organisations



with Jonathan and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills



Join co-founders, master coaches and author Jonathan and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills as they walk you through the exact blueprint they've implemented to coach hundreds of clients to  let go of unhealthy stress once and for all. 


In this workshop, you'll discover first hand how Charlotte and Jonathan have developed a clear road map to stress relief and abundant wellness in a way that creates lasting transformation and why their methods last compared to traditional methods which often fail after some time.


"My stress immediately felt reduced after listening to Charlotte and Jonathan. I finally understood what I was experiencing and knew what I needed to get back on track."

- Carl

"One of the best workshops i've attended, I still can't beleive they share so much for free. I was burning out but this helped me find my spark again." 

- Farzana

Should You Attend This Workshop?


This workshop is made for you if you've been struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Overthinking, negative thinking or intrusive thoughts
  • Feeling easily agitated, frustrated, and moody
  • Feeling overwhelmed, like you’re losing control or need to take control
  • Struggling to communicate with others   
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety or nervousness (Eg, unable to focus, forgetful, nail biting, crying, fidgeting…)
  • Physical symptoms (E.g Low energy, gut issues, headaches, tension, chronic pain…)
  • Lack of focus, forgetfulness, being disorganised or poor judgement
  • Avoiding others, procrastinating, avoiding responsibilities, or withdrawing
  • Abusing food, alcohol or other substances
  • Feeling lonely, low self-esteem, worthless, and depressed

Throughout this 2-hour live training session, we will run you through the core blueprint needed for lasting change with the proven strategy and required tools to piece it all together.

You will literally be handed everything you need to succeed using the exact formula that Charlotte and Jonathan have leveraged to produce consistent results for their clients over last 35+ years.

One of the biggest benefits to this workshop is that there is nothing to buy and at the end you'll get an invite to join Charlotte or Jonathan on a discovery session which will be also be free.


Not "sort of free" or "mostly free"... but truly free, AND with the opportunity to take our stress-free wellness scorecard and get a series of follow-up bonus videos to ensure you have everything you need to start living a stress-free life.


You'll be taught the tactical and practical tools you need to live a stress-free life...


Stress-Free Wellness Workshop - Awareness Pyramid

What am I looking at? This is the stress awareness pyramid which is one of the keys to lasting transformation and abundant wellness.



This workshop is tailor-made for you if you're someone who wants to succeed both professionally and personally, if you want the energy to do something fulfilling in your life and if you want to do it

WITHOUT self-doubt, fear of failure, stress and feeling tired all the time.


We've found that those who get the best results with this methodology tend to be ready and willing for change and have a clear understanding of where they want to be.


Our blueprint creates the best success for those who want to:

Calm a Racing Mind

Feel in Control of Emotions

Be Free From Stress-Related Pain

Build A Healthy Body

Live a Meaningful Life

NOTE: This is not ideal for you if you're looking for a quick fix and overnight success. We care about lasting change, so if you're looking for a gimmick, this isn't necessarily the best fit to support you.

Why Listen To Jonathan and Charlotte?


If you're unfamiliar with Charlotte and Jonathan's work, they are the co-founders of Wellness Theory. Wellness Theory has supported hundreds of successful men and women across the Middle East, United Kingdom and throughout Europe to let go of unhealthy stress, leverage their wellness and live meaningful lives. 


Beyond their success in the commercial wellness space, Charlotte and Jonathan have dedicated their lives to coaching under 40's who are battling with anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm and burnout. Anyone who works with them reports back:

  • Feeling calm and collected after their first interaction 
  • Being able to deal with anything life throws at them easily and effortlessly.
  • Enjoying a life full of peace, being able to relax knowing they've got a handle on life.
  • Waking up with a smile on their faces - full of energy. 
  • Having the confidence and motivation to act on the things they love.
  • Being able to achieve ANYTHING they set their mind to, full of meaning and purpose


Importantly, they practice what they preach. They've designed their own lives to embody everything they teach, allowing them to enjoy their family and serve their community and supporting important causes along the way. 


Here's just a few of the awesome clients we've worked with.


Wellness Theory Community


  • Why is this free... what's the catch?

    No catch, and there's no "sell" at the end either. If you find value in the approach Charlotte and Jonathan will be teaching you, you'll be invited to a 1:1 discovery session which is also free so you can get started living a stress-free life. 


    Our mission is to make sure everyone has access to good health and wellbeing regardles if they choose to work with us in the future or not. 

  • What do I need for the workshop?

    Nothing drastic, just the usual: willingness to learn, open mind to new strategies and approaches and whatever your preference for taking notes.

  • Do I have to actively participate in the workshop?

    You are welcome to attend and keep your camera off and watch and listen to the presentation. However, the more you engage, the more you will get out of it.


    There will be a 15minute Q&A at the end where you can ask us anything, via video or chat box. 

  • Will there be a recording?

    No, not at this time. We encourage live participation so if you're interested, please register above and do your best to show up ready to go on time.

  • How can I be sure this is worth my time?

    If you're suffering with stress, anxiety or burnout and you're tired of it, then this workshop would be the most important use of your time imaginable.