The stress-free wellness scorecard benchmarks how your current wellness practices translate into stress and identifies opportunities for relieving stress once and for all.

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24 Questions to Help Relieve Stress Fast

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​Reclaim Balance and Peace of Mind

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Eliminate overthinking and negative thinking for good

Finally feel in control of emotions

Eliminate overthinking and negative thinking for good

Learn how to rewire old patterns

  • Overcome problems with awareness (without having to medicate)
Stress-Free Life

Be Free from Stress-Related Pain

And stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time…

Sleep soundly at night knowing all is well

Let go of pent up tension and feel relaxed

Know what it’s like to be consistently energised

Regain power over health

Say goodbye to chronic pain and hello to abundant wellness.






There are 8 wellness practices that can help us feel balanced, in control and allow us to live a stress-free life with peace of mind.


And everybody has the opportunity to activate them, no matter how busy they are, how much money they have or how they feel about themselves or their life situation.


With so many spinning plates of competing life priorities like health, career, relationships, and finances to name but a few…


It can be difficult to look past the stressors and see how to fix them. When this happens, it’s difficult to figure out the #1 biggest leverage point to focus on first, to bring life into balance.


Which is why we focus on showing what’s going well and what can be done to improve quickly.


"This scorecard was exactly what i needed to see if where I was going wrong. I'm already feeling more peaceful after implementing what I learned in the report and bonus videos. Thank you!"

Dina Al Marer

"An absolute game changer. If you want to stop wasting time feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired all the time - this is an incredible starting point." 

Jackson Davis

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8 Key Wellness Practices




Often one of the most neglected areas of wellness but sleep yields a very high return for minimal effort.


You can have the best nutrition, mindset and skills in the world but if your sleep quality is compromised it can cause suffering in the long-term.


Breathing and Meditation




When we take as little as 5 minutes per day to pause, we reconnect with our mind-body.


We reset our natural breathing rhythm which allows our nervous system to rest and recover.





Honouring our body, the way nature intended through movement.


It helps stress to flow out of our system easily and effortlessly.

Nutrition and Hydration


Nutrition & Hydration


Balanced food and water intake isn’t a diet.


It’s a lifestyle choice which is sustainable and efficient.


It gives your body all the nutrients it needs to function correctly.





Our energy is our greatest asset.


For us to perform at our best we must learn how to utilise our energy in the most sufficient and resourceful ways.

Quality of Thinking


Quality of Thinking


Our self-talk determines how we feel. It affects our ability to make healthy decisions.


Resourceful self-talk is critical to experiencing an enjoyable quality of life.

Emotional Wellbeing




Our emotions are signals for us - what is good or not.


It’s up to us to learn from them, accept them and let go of them.


Acknowledging what we are feeling is the easiest way to prevent emotional suffering.

Action Taking



In life, we are either moving away from what we don’t want, stuck in one place or moving towards what we want.


To live a vibrant, happy and healthy life we must grow towards what we want.

Jonathan Mills and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

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