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The Wellness Theory being interviewed by Coffee With Joffy on the Myth of Self Sabotage 

Ep.53 14th December 2020

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Rising Above With

Georgia Peck


Ep.91 23rd August 2021

Human Optimisation and Saving The Planet With Rob Carney

Ep.87 26th July 2021

Intentionality With

Sean Houlihan


Ep.83 28th June 2021

Master Your Money With Yasmin Osman


Ep.80 24th May 2021

Deep Health With Caroline Dunne


Ep.77 13th May 2021

Beyond the Silver Lining With Wendy Rosenthal


Ep.75 6th May 2021

Awareness, Trauma & Compassion With

Owen Morgan

Ep.72 26th April 2021

Transforming Worriers to Warriors With kimiLu


Ep.71 22nd April 2021

Upgrade Your Sick-Care to Health-Care With Dr. Eni Kadar


Ep.67 29th March 2021

Cate Hickey on Finances, Stress & Yoga


Ep.63 1st March 2021

Power of Hypnosis With Rob Holdsworth


Ep.51 November 2020

Huemonizing Mental Wellness With Tarmara Dottin


Ep.49 9th November 2020

Following Your Passions Helps Humanity With Dimitra Emanuela

Ep.47 26th October 2020

Keeping Your Sanity in a Family Dynamic With Lynette Tipper


Ep.45 12th October 2020

Get Active & Stay Active With Joff Bunt


Ep.43 28th September 2020

Gut Health 101 With Victoria Tipper


Ep.41 14th September 2020

Secrets to Gaining Momentum & Advancing Your Buisness


Ep.39 31st August 2020

Reprogramming Your Confidence & Chase Happiness


Ep.37 17th August 2020

The Dance Between Ego & Emotion


Ep.35 3rd August 2020

Overcoming an Unhealthy Nutritional Mindset


Ep.33 19th July 2020

Educational Episodes

How to Find Work Life Balance Without Compromising Health


Ep.58 25th January 2021

5 Ways to Make This The Best Year Yet


Ep.56 12th January 2021

2020 Lessons From Our Community


Ep.55 28th December 2020

How to End 2020 Strong



Ep.52 7th December 2020

Stress Compounding


Ep.50 16th November 2020

Anxiety 101


Ep.48 2nd November 2020

Is Stress Really a choice?


Ep.46 19th October 2020

How to Deal With Overwhelm


Ep.44 6th October 2020

3 Stress Busting

Tips & Myths


Ep.42 21st September 2020

Stop Going to The Gym - Your Health Depends on it


Ep.40 7th September 2020

What to do if You're Unsure What to do


Ep.38 24th August 2020

Ladder of Consciousness



Ep.36 10th August 2020

How to Deal With Negative People


Ep.34 27th July 2020

Charlottes Vipassana Experience


Ep.32 12th July 2020

Motivation is a

Suckers Game


Ep.30 28th June 2020

Why Reboot Yourself



Ep.29 22nd June 2020

7 Ways to Reduce Tension



Ep.28 14th June 2020

Perception is EVERYTHING



Ep.27 7th June 2020

The Myth of Self-Sabotage



Ep.26 1st June 2020

6 Tips For Better Quality Sleep



Ep.25 26th May 2020

6 Needs You Never Knew You Had


Ep.24 19th May 2020

Our Most Underestimated Gift We Havve (We All Have it)


Ep.23 5th May 2020

Realizing The Souls Potential



Ep.22 4th May 2020

Alchemy of The Heart



Ep.21 26th April 2020

How Your Mind is Affecting Everything


Ep.20 21st April 2020

The Body Doesn't Lie: Raise Your Awareness


Ep.19 12th April 2020