Charlotte Stebbing-Mills - About

Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Author, Co-Founder, Master Coach

Charlotte has been in the world of wellness since 2005. She specialises in inner-transformation.

Aside from her corporate success within the fitness and wellness industry, she has coached hundreds of people in fitness, health, life, spirit and business.

She knows first-hand how it feels to feel like something is missing in life, to the point of hitting rock bottom and struggling to get back up again.

Charlotte will be the first to tell how you overwhelming it can be, but she'll also be the first to tell you that there is a way forward. Her own journey is proof that you can bounce back and creating the life you always wanted.

Jonathan has been specialising in helping people understand their bodies to be able to live a pain free and health abundant life since 2001.

He’s learned that you cannot always rely on what you hear and see which is why he is so passionate about high quality transformation and meeting people where they need to be met. 

He is the first to admit he used to be very ego driven and very aggressive in his approach to life, which made both professional and personal life a challenge. He was constantly stressed, angry and tired but Jonathan knew he was meant for more.

He went inward and worked on himself, not only did he learn to love himself and take responsibility for his actions – He found his purpose -  to help and to serve, always leaving people better than he found them.

Jonathan Mills - About

 Jonathan Mills

Educator, Co-Founder, Master Coach

Accredited by the leading coaching institutes and wellness organisations.



We love to work with people who are contributing to the greater good no matter how big or small.  


Which is why we consistently align ourselves with those who share our core values.  


Here’s the secret sauce behind our client transformations.



Live with joy and vitality. Feeling energised and well.


Forever evolving. Forever learning. Forever Resourceful.


Create meaningful lasting change


Contribute to the world positively with every action.


Keep it real with a fun, genuine zest for health and life.

We're spreading the word about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

because we believe everyone cares about the future of the people and the planet.


Yet it can be hard to know how we can affect change as individuals. 


We've found that when our clients let go of their unhealthy stress,

they realise looking after themselves and their life becomes about something bigger - alignment.


Alignment to what matters for them.


Often it leads to them supporting the causes they care about which creates a ripple effect of positive change in the world. 


Below these goals shows the number of impacts our Wellness Theory Community is having on these meaningful projects.


“Every time someone does business with us,

something great happens in the world”