Get to know what drives you at your core

(even when life gets overwhelming)

Stress-Free Workshop with Jonathan and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills



with Jonathan and Charlotte Stebbing-Mills



Join co-founders, master coaches and author Jonathan and Charlotte as they walk you through an exercise that'll help you unlock your self-initiated motivation.


You'll discover:

How to be in alignment with what you want

Everything you need to overcome procrastination

Clarity on what you stand for and what drives you at your core

And what motivates you the most in life.


This isn't a 'motivational speech' that gets you all hyped up for a short period of time. 


In this workshop, you'll be guided through a powerful activity they only ever share with coaching clients...


An activity that will reveal the foundation of which you behave and make decisions every day. 


Once completed, you'll have what you need to create lasting motivation and drive in your life.​​



Accredited by leading coaching institutes and wellness organisations

Why Listen To Jonathan and Charlotte?


With over 35+ years of coaching and leading in health, wellness and life, Charlotte and Jonathan have supported hundreds of successful men and women to let go of unhealthy stress, leverage their wellness and live meaningful lives. 


This includes working with those who are battling with anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm and burnout. More often than not, clients feel lost without a sense of direction and igniting their purpose becomes a big part of their journey. 


Unlocking motivation is the icing on the cake for their clients. Not only to they feel healthy and well, they feel aligned and flow towards a happier future, for themselves and their loved ones. 


Importantly, they practice what they preach. They've designed their own lives to embody everything they teach, allowing them to enjoy their family and serve their community and supporting important causes along the way. 


Here's just a few of the awesome clients they've worked with. 


Chontell Randles


“This awakening has had a huge effect on every aspect of my life. I'm carefree with an overflowing faith and confidence within”

Darren Holmes


"I don’t remember grinning from ear to ear at all in the last 10 years, so this was huge for me."


Ghadir Abushawish


"Life was missing a sense of joy yet now I feel aligned and show up in the world authentically"


Stacey-Ann St Louis


“I found my direction and am living as who I’m really called to be”



  • Why is this free... what's the catch?

    No catch, and there's no "sell" at the end either. If you find value in the approach Charlotte and Jonathan will be teaching you, you'll be invited to a 1:1 discovery session which is also free so you can get started living a stress-free life. 


    Our mission is to make sure everyone has access to good health and wellbeing regardles if they choose to work with us in the future or not. 

  • What do I need for the workshop?

    Nothing drastic, just the usual: willingness to learn, open mind to new strategies and approaches and whatever your preference for taking notes.

  • Do I have to actively participate in the workshop?

    You are welcome to attend and keep your camera off and watch and listen to the presentation. However, the more you engage, the more you will get out of it. 


    There will be a 15minute Q&A at the end where you can ask us anything, via video or chat box. 

  • Will there be a recording?

    No, not at this time. We encourage live participation so if you're interested, please register above and do your best to show up ready to go on time.

  • How can I be sure this is worth my time?

    If you're looking for motivation, alignment or want to find out what drives you at the core, then this workshop will be super valuable for you.